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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Boiling Taps

Are boiling water taps any good?

As kitchen trends come and go there are some appliances which you just know will be forgotten before long. But the boiling water tap won’t be one of them. There are so many advantages to having a boiling water tap, you can be sure this is one appliance which is here to stay.

Why choose a boiling water tap?


Boiling water on demand is just so handy! No more waiting for the kettle to boil. Make your tea in an instant. And fill your pan straight from the tap to get your veggies steaming or boiling straightaway.


When you boil the kettle it’s almost impossible to boil exactly the right amount. Even though most of us try not to waste electricity, over two thirds of us still overfill the kettle every time we boil it. With a boiling water tap you get exactly what you need, every time.


Ditching your conventional kettle frees up space on your worktop and gives your kitchen a sleeker look.


With an insulated pipe and tap, and child safety mechanism, a boiling water tap is a lot safer than a kettle – and is ideal if you have young kids around.

Ease of use

A boiling water tap is the perfect solution for people who have difficulty filling up and pouring from a heavy kettle.

Great taste

All the models that we supply incorporate a water filter, to remove impurities and give you better tasting water.

Additional features

Many boiling water taps have multiple functions, so they will also dispense standard hot water, chilled water and even sparkling water on demand.

So are there any downsides?

The only thing which may seem off-putting is the initial cost. Boiling water taps start in excess of £1000. Expect to pay more for models with a larger tank and extra features.

How do I choose a boiling water tap?

There are many brands out there on the market. At Schwarz Kitchens we will supply the tap of your choice, but we’re also happy to guide you if you need advice. Call in to one of our showrooms to see boiling water taps from leading brands such as Quooker and Zip on display.

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