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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Everything about the kitchen sink

Don’t overlook the importance of the kitchen sink. It’s not just somewhere to do the washing up – choose the right sink and it can be a stylish feature in your kitchen. Here are some things to consider before you decide on the best kitchen sink for you.

Stainless steel

+      Wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary

+      Easy to maintain

+      Hygienic - doesn’t chip so it won’t harbour bacteria

+      Wide range of pricing options to suit all budgets

+      Works with almost any kitchen style

- Need to look for unusual designs if you want this to be a feature sink

Granite composite

+     Looks beautiful, lots of colours to chose from

+     Luxurious feel

+     Non-porous

+     Quiet to use: much of the noise of water splashing and dishes clinking is absorbed thanks to the density of the material

+      Colour will not fade

- Can show up limescale in hard water areas, especially dark coloured sinks

- Installation can be more complex than stainless steel


+    Corian can be cast for a seamless sink and worktop

+    Scratches can be removed with very light sanding

- Not resistant to high temperatures, so no good for kitchens with boiling taps

- More expensive option


+     Good quality ceramic sinks are resistant to stains

+     A traditional ceramic Belfast sink works well in a period style kitchen

+     Contemporary ceramic sink options

- Heavy

- Need to treat with care to avoid scratches

- As they are hand-made, there are often variations in size which can lead to gaps

Stone clad sinks, with steel base

+     The ultimate luxury addition to your stone worktops

+     Steel base is heat resistant

+     choice of steel colours for even more personalisation

- More expensive option

Our expert designers at Schwarz Kitchens are here to help you decide on all aspects of your new kitchen planning, including the kitchen sink. Call in to your nearest showroom today to find out more.

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