Inside of a Fridge Freezer
Friday, November 1, 2019

How to choose a fridge freezer for your new kitchen

The fridge freezer has come a long way from when it first became a common household item back in the 1970s. From stylish statement models to WiFi-connected fridge freezers, there’s a vast range for you to choose from.

The look


An American style fridge freezer can make a real design statement in your kitchen and many of them are fitted with extra features such as an ice cube or chilled water dispenser. Bear in mind that most models with these features will require plumbing to your water supply.


For a sleek minimalist look an integrated fridge freezer within a bank of units works well.


A freestanding fridge freezer usually costs a bit less than an integrated model, and there is a wider range to choose from, but it won’t give you the same finished look as an integrated appliance.


Product descriptions for fridge freezers usually give you the capacity of the model in litres. But what does that look like in terms of food? According to appliance experts AEG, 95 litres equates to roughly 5 shopping bags full of food, while a 387 litre model will fit the contents of around 20 full bags.

For more details see the AEG website:


If you often store large items such as pizzas you need to think about dimensions as well as capacity. Some fridge freezers are simply not designed to hold larger pizza boxes, which could leave you with a problem if this is a family favourite. Think about what you want to store in your fridge freezer before you decide on a model.

Ratio fridge to freezer

Popular options for fridge/freezer capacity split are 50:50, 60:40 and 70:30. Give this some thought and if you think even the highest ratio split won’t give you the freezer space you need, you might want to opt for separate side by side fridge freezer units instead. Or opt for a fridge freezer with a flexi zone which can be switched from fridge to freezer depending on where you need most storage capacity.


If defrosting the freezer is right up there with cleaning the oven on your list of least favourite things to do in the kitchen, make sure you choose a frost-free model. This type of fridge freezer has a heating coil which switches on periodically to defrost ice which has built up on the cooling coils. This means the freezer never needs to be manually defrosted.

Energy Rating

Trying to reduce your carbon footprint? EU energy efficiency ratings make it easy to spot the best appliances for you to choose. A+ might sound good, but it’s actually the least efficient rating for a new fridge freezer. For maximum efficiency look for models with the highest rating, A+++.

Extra features

Some models are now fitted with separate humidity and temperature-controlled zones, so you can select the optimum level for different food types.

The type of hinge that comes with your integrated fridge freezer will also make a difference to the operation, and to the price. Lower priced models will have a regular cabinetry hinge attached to the integrated door, and a slide mechanism to the door of the appliance. Higher end models will have a heavy duty soft close hinge attached to the appliance itself.

Love to browse what’s inside your fridge but don’t want to lose all the cold air? Choose a model with a special viewing panel so you can see the contents before you open the door.

At Schwarz Kitchens we supply all leading brands, including AEG and De Dietrich fridge freezers. Speak to our team for more advice on how to choose a fridge freezer to complement your new kitchen. Call in to your nearest Schwarz Kitchens showroom – you’ll find us in Brighton Marina, Eastbourne and Haywards Heath.

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