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Monday, November 4, 2019

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your new kitchen. So don’t treat it as an afterthought.  For your lighting to be just right it needs to be planned at the kitchen design stage. Leave it till later and you’ll be more restricted as to what you can include in your lighting scheme.

Bright lighting can transform a gloomy north-facing room. It can significantly enhance the sense of space in a small room, particularly when combined with reflective surfaces, such as mirrored splash backs. Thanks to the latest high-efficiency bulbs, you can add plenty of lighting without it costing the earth to run.

Where to locate your kitchen lighting

Task lighting is a must-have in your prep zones. It needs to be shadow-free so you can see exactly what you’re doing when you’re dicing the veg.

A row of pendant lights above an island makes a striking design feature as well as providing the light you need while you prep or dine.If you have wall-mounted cupboards, make sure good lighting is fitted to the base to give you the visibility you need.

Change the mood of your kitchen with variable LEDs. Click on the remote control and you can switch from cool white to warm ambient lighting in an instant. Perfect for spots in glass-fronted cupboards and beneath wall-mounted units. LEDs fitted beneath the worktops are both stylish and practical – adding sophistication as well as brightness. For a touch of extra luxury add automatic lighting in to your kitchen design. These lights can be fitted in drawers and solid-fronted cupboards and are triggered as you open the drawer or cupboard door.

If you want to add still more illumination into your kitchen, incorporate LEDs in your kitchen plinths. You can do this with subtle strips almost hidden from view or make a feature of it with bold spot lights.

Lighting is not a finishing touch.  It will have a big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen and should be a core part of your kitchen design. Our expert designers will help you identify the lighting needs for your kitchen –it’s all part of the free home visit and design service we offer at Schwarz Kitchens. For kitchen lighting ideas and inspiration, come and browse the lighting fitted in our display kitchens at our showrooms in Haywards Heath,Eastbourne and Brighton.

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