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Monday, October 7, 2019

Kitchen Plinths

Find your perfect plinths

OK so plinths might not be the sexiest part of a new kitchen. But don’t underestimate the difference they can make. The main purpose plinths serve is to hide the functional, and arguably unsightly, appearance of cabinet legs and give the appearance that your units are built from the floor. But plinths can add a lot more besides.

Firstly they need to be fitted well. When they’re fitted to perfection you may hardly notice they’re there – but a poorly fitted plinth in your beautiful new kitchen will stand out like a sore thumb. Thankfully you never need worry about the quality of the fitting when you buy a kitchen from Schwarz Kitchens – we’re very proud of the excellent workmanship of our installers.  

Plinths with style

A co-ordinated plinth gives you the most subtle look, blending in with the colour and material of your cabinet doors. Or why not go for a bolder look with contrasting plinths? Choose a different shade of the same material, or use stainless steel to contrast with wood or lacquered units.

Plinths with an added dimension

Mirrored plinths are amazing. Use them at the base of an island to create the optical illusion that your island is floating. Metal louvered plinths will give an ‘on trend’ industrial look, while having the added benefit of offering ventilation to your appliances, without the need for separate grills.

Plinths with practicality

Get your plinth space to earn its place in the kitchen by incorporating functional features such as storage drawers or a plinth heater. If space is at a premium in your kitchen, plinth heating is an ideal solution, freeing up valuable wall space without the cost or upheaval of having underfloor heating installed. An electric plinth heater can be switched on whenever you need it, or opt for a hydronic plinth heater which is connected to your central heating and comes on automatically when your heating is in use.

Plinths on display

For more ideas on kitchen plinths, call in today to view the stylish Schwarz show-kitchens at our locations in Eastbourne, Brighton and Haywards Heath.

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