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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Kitchen splashbacks or tiles – which is better?

For many years tiles were the go-to solution for catching splashes from cooking and washing up. From the ’70s trend for cutesy patterned tiles to more sophisticated neutral options favoured in the ‘90s, tiling seemed the obvious choice for covering up kitchen walls. But in more recent years, a selection of other wall coverings have appeared on the market, and they are proving to be very popular.


Advantages of splashbacks


The choice of materials is vast, with options to suit all budgets. From laminate to porcelain, you can spend pretty much as little or as much as you like on your splashback.

Hygiene and maintenance

Splashbacks are easier to keep clean than tiles. Stains are harder to remove from grout and over time it ages and discolours. Grout canal so be prone to have mildew developing on it in areas where it frequently gets damp.


A smooth expanse of splashback in any material looks undeniably sleeker than tiling.


Types of splashback available

Stainless steel

If the look you’re after is industrial / professional kitchen styling, stainless steel is an excellent choice. It’s low maintenance, and easy to keep clean but steer clear of anything too abrasive to avoid scratches unless you don’t mind a more weathered look.


A composite stone such as porcelain adds a touch of luxury to your kitchen. It’s incredibly hard wearing and almost completely non-porous, so you don’t need to worry about scratches or stains. Using your chosen worktop stone to continue onto the walls gives a sleek look.


The heat-responsive properties of corian mean that it can befitted apparently seamlessly in continuation form worktop to splashback. The absence of any gaps to fill makes it particular.


For practicality on a limited budget, laminate is hard to beat.


Here the range is almost endless. From opaque coloured glass to mirrored glass, you can make a real feature of your splashback. Adding a mirrored splashback will add considerably to the sense of space and light in your kitchen – so it’s perfect for smaller or darker spaces. It can also have a big impact in a larger room. Coloured glass is available in almost any colour.Choose from plain colours or shades with added sparkle. Alternatively you could opt for an expanse of glass featuring a picture. For a truly unique option, why not create your very own personalised splashback? Some suppliers will incorporate an image of your choice into the splashback for your kitchen.

For more ideas on the best splashback to choose for your kitchen, speak to the team at Schwarz Kitchens. Call us today on 01323 301916.

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