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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

‘Schwarz’ kitchen furniture vs ‘Schwarz+’ kitchen furniture

What’s the difference? How much extra does Schwarz+ cost? Why would I choose one over the other?? Let’s see if we can fill in the gaps about our two amazing German kitchen brands, and help you to make the decision about which is right for you.

Ok, so the absolute differences between the two kitchens are as follows:

  • Cabinet size – standard cabinets are 720mm high with Schwarz & 780mm with Schwarz+
  • Drawer boxes – the Schwarz drawer boxes are very good & the Schwarz+ are very very good!
  • Cabinet construction – Schwarz cabinets are 16mm on the vertical panels, with 19mm on the load bearing horizontal panels. Schwarz+ are 19mm throughout, with a thicker back panel as well
  • Schwarz cabinets are white internally, with a choice of 14 colours for the leading edge and outsides. Schwarz+ have 18 cabinet colour choices, and are the same colour inside and out

Now those things might be very important to you, and be worth paying the extra for. However those aren’t the real reasons that people would opt to pay more for a Schwarz+ kitchen – so why do they then?? The answer is CHOICE. We can do things with our Schwarz+ furniture that really takes things to the next level when it comes to choice, personalisation and flexibility:

  • Schwarz has 70 different door choices. Schwarz+ kitchens have over 300!
  • As well as the Laminated, Laminated Lacquer and Lacquer doors offered by Schwarz, Schwarz+ kitchens can have fronts made from – Veneer, Solid Wood, Powder Coated, Fenix, Concrete, and Metallic Lacquer.
  • You can also specify ANY COLOUR matt or gloss lacquer for your Schwarz+ kitchen
  • There is one type of handleless option with Schwarz, while there are 9 with Schwarz+
  • Clever engineering means Schwarz+ kitchens can have tall unit doors in one piece, up to as large as 2440mm high!
  • The same engineering means wall unit doors, or drawer fronts up to 1800mm wide
  • Schwarz+ kitchens can have the side panels of the cabinets replaced with panels that perfectly match your kitchen fronts (ie no need for plant-on end panels)
  • Want your doors to come past the bottom of the unit, all the way to the floor? With Schwarz+ that is no problem at all
  • Within reason, your Schwarz+ cabinetry can be personalised however you wish

So how much extra does this all cost? Well, if you went exactly like-for-like, a Schwarz+ kitchen is around 35% more than an identical one from Schwarz. Bear in mind that the price of worktops, splashbacks and appliances remains unchanged regardless of your furniture supplier, that means about 10-20% difference in the overall cost of your kitchen.

However! As you can tell from above, the reason you will opt for a Schwarz+ kitchen is probably because you want something different, bespoke, and made just for you – so in that case the price can’t easily be compared as it would be impossible to replicate elsewhere! In reality, bespoke kitchen furniture from Schwarz+ might be 50-100% more than ‘standard’ Schwarz kitchen furniture. Again, as your worktops, appliances and splashbacks are unchanged, the overall cost of your kitchen would be about 30-50% more to upgrade.

View both ranges in your local showroom, and decide for yourself!

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