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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Should I replace my kitchen before selling my house?

According to a 2019 survey by Propertymark, 65% of properties sold had recently had recently had a kitchen upgrade. So should you replace your kitchen before selling up?  You probably expect us to answer this with a resounding YES!  We do sell kitchens after all.  But the honest answer is: maybe. Here are some things to consider:

How bad is your current kitchen?

Remember, when it comes to kitchens age doesn’t matter as much as condition and quality. Your kitchen could be several years old but if it’s in good condition and the style hasn’t dated you can get away with not replacing it. This is when you’ll be grateful you chose a good quality kitchen last time you had it fitted!

What is the overall condition of the house?

If the house is generally in need of modernisation, it is may not be worthwhile updating just one room. Chances are your buyers are just going to renovate the whole lot when they move in. So the choice is yours - either go for it and smarten up the house as a whole or leave it for the next owners to do.

What is the asking price?

The higher the price tag for your home, the higher the expectations of buyers will be. Be prepared for buyers to knock several percentage points off the price of your property if the kitchen isn’t up to scratch. This can equate to a lot with a high value home, so you’re probably better off spending some money on a good quality kitchen.

Do you expect to refit the kitchen in your next home?

If you’re going to need a kitchen upgrade in your next property, you might prefer not to go through two kitchen refits in quick succession. However slick the installation is, you will inevitably have some disruption while your kitchen is fitted. This can be particularly challenging if you have small children. If this is the case you might want to save yourself the hassle of updating before you sell. And of course the disruption seems more worthwhile when you know you’re going to get years of use from your brand new kitchen.

For more advice on whether you should update your kitchen before you sell your property, speak to one of the team at Schwarz Kitchens. Our showrooms are open seven days a week!

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