Induction Hob in Modern Kitchen
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Why Choose an Induction Hob?

Whether you’re after sleek styling, easy maintenance or simply want to do your bit for the planet, you’ll find lots of reasons to choose an induction hob when you plan your new kitchen.


Energy efficient

Induction hobs are cheaper to run than gas hobs. They heat up to the required temperature much more quickly than a conventional ceramic hob and will outperform a gas hob. An induction hob can get water to boiling point in just over half the time it takes on gas.


Easy to keep clean

Induction hobs are much easier to clean than gas hobs. No dismantling and scrubbing burners – just a quick wipe down with a wet cloth and washing up liquid and it’s done.  Any spillages are less likely to burn on as the glass itself is not being heated directly. So you don’t get those stubborn stains you can get on a conventional ceramic hob. If you want to give your hob an extra gleam, just apply white vinegar and buff to a shine.


No wobble

If you’ve ever cooked on a gas hob you’ll be familiar with that annoying sensation that a small pan might tip over on the burner. That’s something you never need to worry about with the smooth flat surface of an induction hob.



Gas burners work as individual heating zones, whereas many induction hobs offer the versatility of a heated bridging zone between rings –perfect for cooking in an oversized pan or on a griddle plate.



The electromagnetic technology used in induction hobs means that an electrical current is transferred to the pan, generating heat in the pan rather than in the glass of the hob. The hob cannot get hot unless a pan is placed on it, and there will only ever be some residual heat transferred from the pan for a short while after cooking. Perfect if you have small children.  Many induction hobs also feature a child safety mechanism.



There’s no denying that a glossy induction hob is better looking than a gas hob, no matter how high-end. Sleek and shiny, with just a little TLC an induction hob will look smart for many years.


Eco-friendly potential

Gas hobs will eventually become a thing of the past with the drive to move away from using fossil fuels. Choose a green energy provider and you can cook with a clean conscience.

Find out more about the range of induction hobs available from Schwarz Kitchens.  Call in to one of our showrooms to see the hobs in our display kitchens and speak to the team.

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