Why Choose Us?

There are many amazing reasons to choose Schwarz Kitchens but this list shows you in much more detail. For comparison, all of the benefits listed below you will NOT find in the equivalent best selling British cabinet.


Fully Assembled

Units are factory assembled in a way that cannot be done by hand. Installations are then much quicker

16/19mm Carcase Construction

Superior materials and advanced construction methods mean your kitchen will last far longer

1.2mm Polymer Leading Edge

You will never get any chipping or peeling on the leading edge of your cabinets or shelves

Adjustable Soft Close Doors

All of your doors can close at the same rate, and you can adjust that rate to suit your needs

500mm Soft Close Drawers

More storage within the same sized units, as our drawers & pull-outs are 50mm deeper as standard

Integrated Soft Close Hinges

All of your doors will close on their own from 30°, without the need for fiddly click on extra bits

Quick Release Drawer Fronts

Take your drawer fronts off easily for cleaning etc. Or to easily refresh your kitchen years later!

Quick Release Drawer Boxes

Remove the whole drawer box easily for cleaning or for access to services behind the drawers

Glass Pan Drawer Side Upgrade Available

Give your kitchen that WOW! factor with this high spec upgrade option

Hinges Screwed Into Plugs NOT Units

Your doors will stay lined up and in place for many years to come

Factory Fitted Rubber Door Buffers

No noisy banging of doors, or damage to your door and drawer fronts

Feet Overlap Cabinet Joint For Load Transmission

Heavy worktops such as granite or quartz will not damage or bow your units

45mm Diameter Heavy Duty Feet

Your cabinets will stay level and last longer. One unit with 4 feet can take up to 250kg load!

Choice Of Plinth And Feet Heights

Ultimate choice and flexibility for your perfect ergonomic working height

Continuous Flexible Plinth Seals

No chance of water getting into your plinths when you are mopping the floor

Choice Of Cabinet Colours

No unsightly white lines in-between your doors. Also, no need to buy end panels in most cases

Choice Of Over 1300 units Plus Bespoke Options

We can fit into even the most awkward spaces easily, and use far less filler

300mm Or Deeper Wall units

You can fit your full-sized dinner plates into our wall units no problem

Completely Sealed ie No Exposed Board

No worries about moisture in the air getting into your units and 'blowing' them

Metal Strut For Sink/Oven Base Units

No cutting of struts to make way for sinks and hobs, as would be necessary with British units

Stainless Steel Lined Sink Units

Don’t worry about spillages of bleach or cleaning products damaging your sink unit

900mm Wall Units Available In Every Range

Make the most of your high ceilings no matter which door front you choose

Choice Of Worktops Edge And Profile

Choice of rolled edges, matching or contrasting square edges on your new laminate worktops

Factory Cut Worktops Inc Curves and Angles

Perfect curves and chamfers, cut and edged in the factory. No need to attempt this on-site

Laminate Worktops Upto 5100mm x 1200mm

Huge runs and large islands are easily possible without the need for unsightly joints

Removable Back Panel

Perfect cuts on a workbench for access to gas and electrical services

Handle Holes Factory Drilled

Handles will line up perfectly EVERY time, no need to pay someone to attempt this on-site

Choice Of End Panel Size And Material

Ultimate choice and flexibility of aesthetics for your new kitchen design

Choice Of Glass Styles And Colours

Ultimate choice and flexibility of aesthetics for your new kitchen design

Every Kitchen Built To Order

Not off the shelf, not gathering dust in a warehouse. Made to order, especially for you